Right 5 - Carers

The Rights of Carers

The relationship between the health service consumer and the provider is the primary relationship. While those who provide care for health service consumers have rights and responsibilities as part of their role as carer, their rights are secondary to the rights of the health service user in the consumer/provider relationship. However, carers have the right to be treated with respect.

The parent/s of a child under 14 years of age is not considered to be a carer. However, the carer of a person with limited capacity for self determination does possess the rights listed in this section.

  • Carers have the right to have their particular knowledge about the person in care considered and included in the health service provision for the person in care.
  • Carers have the right to be involved in care planning and delivery, especially where it impacts on their role as carer.
  • Carers have the right to information about the care of the health service user, support services and equipment, including support services and training for themselves as carers.

The Rights of the Health Service Provider

The provider has the right to be informed when changes in the health status, circumstances, needs or treatment outcomes of the consumer impact on his/her health or treatment.

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Updated: 24th May 2021