Right 6 - The contribution of the Health Service Provider

The Rights of the Health Service Provider

The provider has the right to be acknowledged for their contribution to health care and their commitment to providing quality care.

The right to recognition and respect for the level of training undertaken by providers and for the knowledge, skills and experience providers bring to the provision of consumer’s health care.

The right to expect that the advice provided and the treatment he/she dispenses will be considered and followed, and if this is not possible or does not occur, he/she will be informed.

The right to feedback on the health services provided including positive and negative comment where appropriate or necessary. This might include participating in evaluation exercises or questionnaires about services.

The right to reasonable expectations from consumers about the level of care and treatment that can be provided. Consumers should realise and acknowledge the limitations of health services and health service providers. For example, consumers may have to wait to receive service, attend a different provider or be referred.

The right to expect consumers to pay accounts promptly or if there is any difficulty in doing so, to discuss the matter with the provider.

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Updated: 24th May 2021