How to make a complaint

The Health Complaints Commissioner can accept complaints about any health service provider in Tasmania, in both the private and public sectors. Click here for more details.

The Commissioner will not usually accept a complaint if you became aware of the issue more than two years ago.

We can help you work out the best way to approach making a complaint. You can contact us by phone, in person, over the internet, by email or post.

Step 1 Talk to the provider

  • Before contacting us you should try and resolve the complaint with the provider. It is often the easiest and quickest way.
  • If this is not successful, or you do not feel able to deal with the complaint yourself, you may prefer to contact us.

Step 2 Contact us

  • We can answer your questions before you lodge your complaint.
  • If we can't handle your complaint we will try to refer you to someone who can.

Step 3 Lodge a complaint

  • If possible the health service consumer should make the complaint. However we will consider accepting the complaint from another person, if the consumer is unable to lodge it.
  • Successful resolution of a complaint is more likely if you are realistic about your desired outcomes.
  • You can download our printable complaint form, fill it in and post or email it to us or lodge a complaint using our online complaint form.

For more information about the complaint process click here.