Tasmanian Charter of Health Rights and Responsibilities - Preface

This Charter of Health Rights came into being in 1999, in accordance with the procedure in Part 3 of the Health Complaints Act 1995. The statutory procedure requires development of the Charter by the Health Complaints Commissioner in a process involving public consultation, and then approval by the Minister administering the Act, and approval by the Parliament.

It is important that the Charter reflect contemporary values with respect to the provision of health services, so as to maintain its relevance as a statement of the principles which should apply to health service provision in the State. The Act intends accordingly that the Charter be kept under review, and any review must also take place with public consultation.

Any user of the Charter who has a suggestion for the improvement of the Charter is invited to forward that suggestion to my Office, and it will be taken into account when the next review is undertaken. My present intention is to commence the first review of the Charter in late 2006.

Simon Allston
Health Complaints Commissioner

July 2006

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Updated: 24th May 2021